This font bundle contains 24 high-quality blackletter, victorian, or gothic fonts with many variation styles. This font bundle also has a vintage style that will make your design look outstanding and cool.

Fonts included:
1. Hellios Gothic
2. Prastico
3. Agathiqy
4. Silafejira
5. Avalen Rekas
6. Angel Wish
7. Angel Rhapsody
8. Livingstone
9. Agise Rujdi
10. Rademos
11. Aurel Shine
12. Steffany Wolfeng
13. Denibas Sunset
14. Fancy Quisley
15. Bahisy
16. Rogfus Sejatty
17. Shiny Kage
18. Wilson Wells
19. Ambrosia
20. Wazintte
21. Biqaby Goku
22. Yugitoy
23. Raizen
24. Kevin Ghal

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