Motion Graphics Tool is a After Effects script to create animations of a large number of objects. When you have hundreds of layers and compositions, sometimes it’s almost impossible to animate it by hand, but now it can be done with just a few clicks.
Other apps offer different solutions, but ultimately they all boil down to simply copying the animation.

The way this script works is completely different. You only have to make one or more basic animations, press “copy”, and “paste” animations into other layers. The script will get a random animation from the copied ones, change its direction, speed and scale, thus creating its own unique animation for each layer.

Besides, if you don’t like something, you can just press “PASTE” again and get a completely different result. This is another advantage of the script, you can get a variety of results with just one button, saving the ones you like.

All examples used in the preview are included, along with tutorials. You can see for yourself that this is a quick and easy way to create complex scenes.


  • Easy to use
  • Animation of hundreds of layers in a few clicks
  • You can get different results, and choose the best
  • Video Tutorials
  • Many Examples
  • After Effects CS5.5 or higher

Download Motion Graphics Tool - 494.68 MB

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